Funeral Flowers 帛事花籃,花牌

網上訂購 *請注意*  Instructions for ordering funeral flowers

若需要三天內送出,請致電本店聯絡 416-402-2113 / 905-948-9855
Please call if delivery date is within 3 days.

  1. 選購殯儀花品時,必須填寫有關資料 (關係、悼念語、姓名等等)

  2. 選項殯儀花品加入購物車, 然後在購物車頁內選項殯儀館地點和送貨日期時間及有關資料

  3. 價錢已包括指定範圍內送貨費

  4. 若殯儀館地點在免費送貨範圍外系統會自動計算額外送貨附加費 ($20, $50, $80)不等

  1. During product selection, fill in the form (Names, Relationship, Messages)

  2. In the Cart, specify the Funeral location and date of visitation

  3. Prices of flowers includes delivery within designated zones.

  4. If delivery is beyond the zone, the system will calculate delivery a surcharge (per order) based on the funeral home location ($20, $50, $80).

若同時需要選購其他非殯儀產品, 請重新建立訂單購買其他產品。
If you would like to purchase other non-funeral products, please create a separate order.